Luke Steptoe

Senior Associate

Luke is a Commercial, Property and Business Senior Lawyer with more than 12 years experience providing clients with timely and practical legal advice. Luke brings a wealth of expertise and strategic insight to the legal landscape in Australia and has earned a stellar reputation for his proficiency in navigating the complexities of commercial law, business transactions and property law matters.

(07) 3186 8669


His areas of expertise include leasing, all forms of property acquisitions and sales, business acquisitions and sales, wills and estate planning, and advising on all forms of commercial agreements. As a Senior Associate, Luke oversees a diverse portfolio and has consistently delivered positive outcomes for clients.

Luke has provided legal advice across a broad range of industry sectors including franchising and small business, construction, manufacturing, real estate and property development. His clients include property developers, small to medium enterprises and family business owners and individuals. His negotiation skills, attention to detail, and business acumen make him a trusted advisor in the commercial and property sectors. Clients appreciate his commitment to delivering tailored legal solutions that address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Beyond his legal practice, Luke is committed to staying at the forefront of legal developments. He actively participates in professional development opportunities, ensuring that he remains well-versed in the latest legal trends, regulations, and industry best practices.

In the dynamic landscape of commercial, business, and property law, Luke stands out as a seasoned professional who combines legal acumen with a client-centric approach. His commitment to excellence and passion for achieving favourable outcomes make him an integral part of Moore Lawyers.