Tatyana Saccardo

Law Clerk

Tatyana Saccardo is a highly skilled Law Clerk specialising in Commercial, Corporate and Property Law. Tatyana moved to the Gold Coast from Boston in 2018 where she completed a Master Degree in Property Development and Valuation followed by a Juris Doctor Degree on a High Achiever’s Scholarship. Upon graduating, Tatyana was awarded Class 2 Distinction.

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Tatyana has more than 6 years of experience working with clients in the property sector. Tatyana’s academic and professional background not only demonstrate her commitment to excellence but also showcases her dedication to understanding the intricacies of commercial, corporate and property law.

Tatyana’s primary areas of focus include contract law, property development and corporate acquisition. Her ability to seamlessly navigate complex contractual frameworks and provide strategic insights into property development projects has made her an invaluable asset to both clients and colleagues. Tatyana also brings an international aspect to Moore Lawyers with her ability to speak Russian fluently.

Passionate about staying up to date on legal developments across all sectors, Tatyana is an avid participant in industry seminars, networking events and volunteering efforts. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures that she remains well-informed about the latest legal trends, enhancing her ability to provide tailored advice to clients. Known for thinking outside the box, Tatyana’s creative problem-solving skills and effective communication skills help make her an integral part of Moore Lawyers.